One organization’s interview to find out who you should vote for…

These things are always fun, right? And especially when we’ve got this many candidates they can actually be useful, because we don’t always know that much about the different candidates.

According to the quiz, I should be excited about Chris Dodd, who I must admit I know practically nothing about (but, I live in Indiana, where primaries don’t matter, so why should I expect to know anything about him? (Are we all sick of the Primary status quo, or is it just me (and my parents)?)). Barack and Hillary tie for second place, with Joe Biden close behind them. Fascinating. Regardless of any libertarian leanings I may have, I found it interesting that all of the Democrats ranked higher for me than all of the Republicans. And all of this is perhaps especially interesting considering that I wasn’t at all confident about my answers on this survey. To take the most simple example, I had a terrible time answering the Iraq question. None of the choices were anything like “Well, I felt strongly that we shouldn’t have gotten into this mess, but now that we’re 4.5 years into the mess, I don’t know how the hell to get us out of it. But it sure is a terrible mess!”

Anyway, I’d be very interested to hear anyone else’s results, if you care to take the time (2-3 minutes).