Actually working for myself!

2008/02/03 :: News

Well, as I enter the 18th month of being self-employed in the world of Web development, it’s about time that I actually have a website for my business, eh? It’s always felt strange that I didn’t have one before, but I’ve been spending my time actually doing work for clients rather than trying to establish my marketing materials. Of course, at some point, one just has to admit that one should have one’s own website.

So, it’s like I hired myself to make a Website for myself!

I’m excited about my decision to use WordPress to manage my site. That should make it easy to keep content updated and looking reasonably good. I figured that if I were consulting with my own business about a web site, I’d recommend a CMS for myself. So, why not take my own advice? Besides making my life easier, I can use it as an example of how helpful a CMS can be. So, there ya go.